5 Best Beauty Products to VAMP up your Routine

A simple southern girl living the simple southern life style. That’s how I would describe myself and I love that because I believe there is beauty is simplicity.

However my beauty routine is not one of simplicity…I wake up and make up. Here are my 5 favorite beauty products I recently collected to replace my ba-oring simple ones!!


No. 5 : NYX’s Lip lingerie

NYX launched their Lip Lingerie in 2016 and I was all about these beautiful nude matte liquid lipsticks. They really vamp up the pouty matte look you’ve been searching for. It’s also a dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hill’s matte liquid lipstick. My favorite shade is Bed Time Flirt…get it here.



No. 4: Loreal’s Magic Lumi Primer

This primer works wonders-lasting all day and giving you a luminescence glow. The best trick is to mix it in with your foundation and TADA…you have a beautiful glowing foundation! Find it at any drugstore.


No. 3: Coconut Oil

If you haven’t already, jump on this bandwagon. Better yet…THROW yourself on the bandwagon. Deep condition, moisturizer, chaptstick, shaving cream, face mask, lotion, makeup remover, and the list goes on! Coconut oil does it ALL! I’m convinced it’s a cure all and I use it religiously.

No. 2: Roller lash Mascara

The world of mascara is overwhelming. Every brand name has a million different formulas and I’m convinced I’ve tried them all. No other mascara has given me such va-va-voom lashes! Thank you Benefit for giving my lashes the up-do they deserved!


No. 1: Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

I love anything personalized. I mean, if it’s not monogrammed…is it really yours? When I found out I could personalize my own shampoo I ran to upstairs to trash all of the Herbal Essence and OGX  I owned. Function of Beauty allows you to completely customize your shampoo down to the name, color, functionality, and fragrance. BONUS…you don’t even have to leave the house. You order it online and have it shipped to your home as frequently as you’d like. It’s just a win-win. Go on…personalize your shampoo, ladies.


*Bonus* Mini Beauty Blenders

Anything “mini” is ten times cuter and beauty blenders are already a blessing. Now imagine mini beauty blessings. I took my beauty blenders to the next level and got a hold of the mini version for under the eyes and around the lips. Game. Changer.





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