Cheers to Turning 20 in 2017


2016… I gave it a big ole’ smooch and I kissed that year good-bye and don’t miss it a bit. It was a struggle if anything. It brought so many changes and unnecessary negativity to a girl who was trying to stay afloat with positivity . I know I’m not alone when I say I felt a turning point as 2017 came along. It was a relief and it left me feeling refreshed. Here’s to turning 20 in 2017 and how I plan to make it a year I will never forget.

“Oh, to be 20 again and know what I know now!” My 60 year old grandmother’s voice sprung out of the phone when I told her about this blog post.“What would you do differently if you could be 20 again?” Knowing this one of a kind woman, her answers didn’t surprise me. She would have moved off to the city in her 20’s. Traveled more, dated less. Made more time for her girlfriends and adventuring out in the world, learning about herself along the way.

I feel so much pressure to have it all figured out and have a plan for the rest of my life jotted down somewhere in an agenda that doesn’t even exist yet. But what I gathered from my grandma is that she would have let herself float along and enjoyed what the world had to offer to her and take her time with life.

I’m going to remember 2017 as the year I turned 20. The year I’m living with the love of my life and growing our relationship along the way. The year I started my blog. The year I got my anxiety under control. I took trips and put miles on the car. The year I started planning my wedding on Pinterest, because heck…I’m turning 20. The year I cherish the friendship I have with my best girlfriends who live a state away and we laugh until we cry like we did every summer since we were 11.  The year I just wore the freaking bikini and I had desert after dinner. The year I put myself first and took more long bubble baths with a good book instead of crying myself to sleep over a bad day. The year I really slowed down, traveled more, and enjoyed what being 20 has to offer me. The year I will remember for a lifetime. CHEERS TO BEING 20 IN 2017! 

What will you do this year that you will remember for a lifetime?


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