3 Keys to Staying Organized

My organization routine most likely stems from my slight OCD, but hey…everything has it’s own place and who doesn’t love a good list? I love organization and I especially love helping people GET organized. I’m always the friend who gets the “HELP” phone call to come get sh*t done! Here are my 3 keys to staying organized.

No 1.

My Agenda:

I use an agenda/planner to keep track of everything that comes at me in life. I use one by the brand of Sugar Paper which you can find at Target. I choose this planner because of it’s unique and super functional “This week” pages scattered throughout the end of every month. This helps me to remember what emails I need to write, my weekly goals, and that week’s shopping list. I call my agenda “Pearl” because she’s a staple in my life just like my pearl earrings.


No 2.

Notebook & Stationary:

Somewhere in the bottom of my purse is always my “handy dandy little notebook”. It comes everywhere with me. It’s what I use to keep my to-do list’s on hand, make pro and con lists if need be, and write down any super important information in case of some emergency or natural disaster. My newly adopted notebook is my “Blog Book” which is gratified with lists, ideas, and bullet points.


No 3.

A Lifestyle of Lists:

If you haven’t picked up on it already I am a list maker by trade. Shopping lists, to do lists, to call, to buy, to email, to write, to blog, to go, to clean. The list making never ends and this is truly my secret to my orderliness and organization. Bullet points are my boyfriend.

I hope this inspires you to make a list!


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