Secrets to a Happy Relationship


We’ve been together for 2 years and let’s face it, that’s a while for a millennial couple. Most people in our generation aren’t looking for something serious or they don’t see the value of commitment in your 20’s. We’ve made the commitment to live together and hopefully soon we’ll make THE commitment. Here are our secrets to a happy relationship.

Time Together & Time for Our Selves

Spending time together and taking the time to nurture your baby (your relationship) is super important. What’s even more important is to take time for yourself. You simply can not forget to take care of yourself and love yourself! If you don’t love yourself how are you suppose to love your partner? After spending the majority of your time with your partner it is always refreshing to take an hour or so out of your day to do something for yourself. My “Nataleigh time” of the day may be writing a blog post, having an “at home spa night”, or reading a good book with a good cup of tea. After feeling relaxed and I have spent some time to myself I’m really able to give my my best self to Nathan and vice versa.

Keeping our Relationship Semi Private

Most young women run to their friends or moms to tell them every detail of their relationship. Had a bad fight? Run to mom. Had the best date of your romance life? Get on the group text! We love our friends and family…but a relationship is between two people and that’s how we like to keep it. No one knows every aspect of our biggest fight, our bad days, or even our best days. We keep our little secrets to our selves and its something we cherish together. If it’s a fight we’ve had we take the time to cool off without calling up mom and we come back together with clear heads to work it all out. We find our privacy is really important to our relationship.

Making The Most of Our Differnces

We have things we love to do as a couple. We especially love having dinner at our favorite restaurants, taking day trips out of town, and going for a drive to unwind at the end of the day. But we also have our separate interests and we like to incorporate into spending time as besties/partners. I love a good coffee and writing sesh so Nate will occasionally take me to my favorite coffee shop and plop me down with our laptops and a big ole’ cup of joe. Nathan does photography (photo sessions for life!!). So some days when he wants to have a shoot, I will tag along with him and we have a lot of fun. I think it’s especially fun to see him being so passionate about something.


Solid Support

The wise man built his house upon the rock. Our foundation is the most important to us. Unwavering trust, unconditional love, and a solid support are the foundations we have laid for our future. If your relationship doesn’t have a solid foundation what do you have to build on? It will be shaky if the foundation isn’t firm. With my family living five hours away, Nathan is who I rely on at the end of everyday and I trust him to be there. Build that foundation and build on top of it. Be the wise man.


Love your partner and yourself. Our secrets to our happy relationship. – Nat

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