7 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home


You spend so much time in your home without realizing it. Home is where your heart is, its where you lay your head down on your pillow at night, and it’s where you take warm bubble baths with a face mask on and a full wine glass in your hand…or at least that’s what I do.

In the wise words of Joanna Gaines (Interior Design Goddess/Role Model), you have to love the space you’re in. It’s important to love your house so that it will love you right back. Since you really do spend so much of your life at the house, you want your house to feel like home. These are the 7 things I have practiced to make our house feel more like home.

No. 1

Fresh Flowers

I have spring fever in February and that’s perfectly fine. I love flowers and I love waking up in the morning to a vase on my bedside table of my fresh cut favorites. Having plants in your house allows for clean oxygen to be produced and who doesn’t love a breath of fresh air? The master bedroom, guest bedroom, kitchen, and my office space all have a vase of fresh flowers. Since Valentine’s was just a couple of days ago, this week’s pick were red roses.  Next week I will be replacing them with mini Carnations.


No 2.

Your Own Space

We all have our own secret little places we escape to when we just want to get away. My place is a coffee shop where I sit in the far corner with a view of a Magnolia tree in the park. I find relief and relaxation when I come to write a post and have my 14th cup of coffee throughout the day. But why should I have to leave my house (or my pajamas) for this relaxation? So I created my own space in our new home. My “office” is an extra bedroom upstairs, where I can drink my morning cup of coffee, write a post, and never have to put on pants. I picked all of the decor and personalized it down to the mini “Charolette” I have sitting on my desk. It’s where Nataleigh & Co. will be coming to life soon.


No 3.

Reading Material

It’s always better to have too much to read than not enough. Whenever I have a free moment from my schedule, I like to pick up one of my favorite books or magazines I keep tucked all around the house. It’s great to take a minute out of your day and curl up on your couch with a good read. The current magazine I’m loving is Romantic Homes and my favorite book right now is The Magnolia Story.


No 4.

 Throw Pillows

Your house should have a touch of you, your family, and your personalities. You should love your house and feel like you belong there. That’s what makes a house a home. I’m a firm believer that every seat and bed my home NEEDS a throw pillow like I need coffee. Throw pillows add a little personality to your home. They come in a gazillion different colors and styles so you can hand pick one that you love so much you want to wake up with it on the other side of your bed in the morning.  This one is my new favorite…


No 5.

Curb Appeal

A home is not only about the inside, but the outside too. A house should feel like a home when you drive up, love what you see, and have a sigh of relief that your FINALLY home after a long day. I know I said I have a touch of spring fever already, but let me reinforce that by telling you that I’ve already planted pansies in my window flower boxes. It’s not an expensive feat to add some curb appeal to your house, but give your house a little love by adding some greenery or flowers out front.

No 6.

Wall Decor

Blank walls are like putting on your favorite outfit and forgetting your earrings. It’s horrendous. Take your time picking your wall decor like you do your throw pillows. Pick things that are visual appealing to you and you feel like give the room a touch of your very own personality. Adding wall decor to your house will give it the inviting homey feel you want to achieve.

No 7.

Coffee Bar

This is just a bonus! My coffee bar is one of my favorite places at home. My Keurig stands tall, my K-cups are waiting to be brewed, and our favorite mugs are on display. It’s so easy to wake up, stumble to the kitchen and have all of my necessities in one little place.

unnamed (1).jpg

I hope this inspires you to love the space you’re in and I hope your house makes you feel like you’re home.


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