Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend


It’s been almost 8 years since I walked down the Valley for the first time at Church camp. I met my very best friends here. We were lucky enough to spend one week together out of every year. We slept in the same bunk, shared our flip flops, and ate countless packages of fruit snacks. It was hot, humid, and dirty but its some of the best memories I had ever made. Memories of holding onto each other as we cried together, laughing at each other trying to play softball, and memories of our “group mom”, Alicia, dragging us all out of bed at 7am for devotional and donuts. Bless that girl for making sure I had breakfast every morning and smuggling in snacks for me throughout the day. Pretty sure she kept me alive since there was no coffee for the campers. Memories of holding on to Sabrina through my mental breakdown as I found out my great grandmother was passing away while I was stuck at a camp almost 4 hours away. We were so close and couldn’t bare the thought of the week coming to an end.


It’s now been 3 years since we left that church camp and we live states away but thanks to our group chat and our driver’s licenses we’ve still spent a week together every year. This year, that week changed my life…

They drove 9 hours to get here. My girlfriend’s and I had a full day of shopping in our favorite stores, ate take out for dinner, and were having a Sex and The City marathon. We had just watched my very favorite part of the movie where Carrie and Mr. Big finally get married and she has the closet of her dreams (swoon). I had just taken my makeup off and I was down to my underwear for the night. I was having the best day with my best friends. And that’s when it happened…


He was down on one knee. We were standing in our closet of our new home (Just like Carrie and Big). There I was in my pajamas and with out makeup, my two best friends behind him filming it all, and my boyfriend of 2 years was down on one knee with a ring box. I screamed, I cried, I said YES.

It may not sound like a dream proposal to some girls, but it was my dream come true. A day spent with my best friends and the man of my dreams popping the question in our closet of our new home. I got to celebrate with my girlfriends and they took me out to shop for anything and everything BRIDE.

I tried on wedding dresses and we started planning immediately! I’m so blessed to have these girls by my side as I become Bridezilla and so lucky that they will help keep my head on straight. I have the 3 best Bridesmaids a girl could ask for; Alicia, Sabrina, and Sydnei. Thank God for Sydnei. She knows me so well and knows how to ALWAYS keep me laughing. She’s the life of my party!

I can just see my wedding day now. Alicia will have a checklist ready to go and her Mary Poppins bag will be stuffed with everything imaginable I will need. Sabrina will be the one crying when I’m finally ready to walk down the isle but she’ll also be the first one to start a fight if anyone pisses me off. Then there’s sweet Sydnei, who will demand I let her wear converse in the wedding and will be chugging the wine at the reception so she can keep me laughing all night.

I may have the most beautiful diamond on my finger but my most valuable diamond is our friendship-it’s rare, it shines, and it’s so precious to me. After all, diamonds are girl’s best friend.


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