Fall Wardrobe Staples

Unpacking every pair of shoes, earrings, scarf, and article of clothing from boxes really makes you analyze your style. Nathan and I just settled into our new place after our wedding and let me tell you…I did not realize how badly I needed to clean out my closet. Everything from my wedding dress to my summer camp t-shirts were crammed in the back of my closet.

After my monthly trip to Books-A-Million, I picked a hardback copy of Classic Style. My closet received a much-needed makeover after this read. I packed up all of my summer camp t-shirts and pulled out all of my favorite pieces for my favorite season; Fall. After this closet clean out and a Pinterest board dedicated to the season, let me give you my “Fall Wardrobe Staples”. The few items that you NEED for the season and that are so versatile for everyday use. 




Good bye flannels….HELLO GINGHAM!! Seriously, plaid has been the fall essential for so many years. This season, every boutique, Target, and department store I go into has their abundant supply of this beautiful pattern. I’ve kissed all of my flannels goodbye and hung them in the back of my closet. Gingham is all the hype this season. Definitely what I will be wearing when we make our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

 The Green Cargo Jacket



 These olive-green tone jackets are seriously the most versatile piece of clothing I own. You can wear them with anything; sweaters, stripes, leggings, gingham, plaid. You name it, you can throw it over it. It spices up the average fall outfit. It just adds a little something extra to every outfit. They’re light weight so you get just enough coverage in the cold mornings but you don’t sweat when the temperature sky rockets in the afternoon. These green cargo jackets are an absolute must. A staple in your collection.

I have two of these beauties. One has the elbow pads and hood printed in plaid while its a soft army green. It has the cutest snap buttons and I pick this jacket up for my dressier outfits. Now my other cargo jacket is a deep green, cut short, with a zipper. This is my go to for throwing over t-shirts and pairing it with jeans.

The Leather Tote



Now let’s talk a bout my favorite accessory for any season; your bag.  Your purse, your handbag, your tote says so much about you. It defines the outfit. It is the single most important accessory in your closet that you own. Make it a good one.

Brown leather bags in the fall are the key to my heart. They can match anything from your boots to your hat to your jacket. My personal bag is a brown leather monogrammed tote. It’s deep and has a nice big pocket. It travels anywhere I do and gets tossed around in the back of my Mini Cooper. I love it to death. Out of my entire wardrobe, this one bag is my everything. It makes my “ootd” look sharp, clean, and stylish. I snagged it from a local boutique here in the Fort and my husband had it monogrammed.

These three items are so versatile that they can pull every fall outfit together 7 days in a row. These are my fall wardrobe pieces that I swear by.

Comment bellow your favorite fall piece that you have in your closet right now.

For more style inspiration, I’ve linked my Pinterest board down bellow of all my favorite outfit ideas…

Fall Outfits Pinterest Board




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