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Why I Became A Blogging  Babe


Oh, Carrie Bradshaw…I believe she is my true inspiration for creating my blog. Carrie once began writing an article titled “Just How Dangerous Is An Open Heart?” and in the end Carrie left the post blank because after all how do we know until we’ve experienced it? After watching that episode of SATC I jotted that prompt into my notebook and I’ve often flipped back to that page in my notebook where those 7 words are. When thinking about starting my very own lifestyle blog I opened up that notebook and wondered “Just How Dangerous is An Open Blog?” How would I ever know if I didn’t atleast TRY.


In one of my most recent posts, How To Make 2017 Your Best Year I talk about setting goals and how important it is to make those goals very defined. Writing is my true passion and outlet of self expression in it’s finest. One of my top goals for 2017, is putting my all into my blog and my writings. Thus, Nataleigh & Co. was created! It is my second baby, next to Willow Bean of course. I’ve spent many 2am nights crafting Nataleigh & Co. into just what I hoped it would be… a personality infused, Carrie inspired, lifestyle blog where I document my life along the way. I hope it leaves you inspired.