Secret Summertime Skin Regimen

Summertime is one of favorite seasons (next to fall of course). Popsicles by the pool, cocktails on the back deck, and SUN HATS. I have an unhealthy obsession with sun hats. But along comes summer, along comes the southern sun, and I say hello to my oily skin for the three long months of the season.

  sun hat

I’m a dedicated tanner and my skin is so important to me. I love to keep it hydrated and love to replenish it with the vitamins it deserves. Needless to say, I want it to look GLOWING during the summer. Because glowing skin is always in. Let me give you my favorite Summertime Skin Regimen.

  1. Moisturizer/Sun Block

The key to keeping youthful skin 5ever is a great moisturizer, or if you’re looking to block out the sun’s rays, a sun block. Coconut oil is usually my go to moisturizer, but because my skin stays oily in the heat, I try to steer away from it. I don’t want to rub excess oil on my already oily skin. The moisturizer I always reach for in mid June is Love Boho Tan Extender. It’s a lotion that is packed with vitamins that you lose from UV rays. It makes you smell like a Coachella Goddess and keeps your skin baby soft, instead of adding a layer of oil

.love boho collection.png

2. Shave Minimizer

Shorts and dresses are my entire wardrobe this time of year, but obviously it is no long No Shave November. A Shave Minimizer is the secret to having smooth legs for the next 2 months. The more you shave with this stuff, the less hair growth returns. My favorite is No Apologies from Designer Skin. Two words: You’re Welcome.

3. Charcoal Soap

Even though I reduce my summer makeup routine to a good layer of BB cream and favorite lip gloss, it’s still a chore trying to take it off at the end of the long summer night. I reach for my charcoal soap when I wash my face because it cleans my pores so well all while leaving my skin soft for the next day. I have a sensitive face and charcoal soap is so gentle. 10/10 would recommend to a friend on this one.

4. Tiny Bubbles Body Wash

Not only is it important to get your face clean, but you can’t forget your beautiful summer bod. Body wash must haves for me include, a good fragrance, gentle formula, and I need a long lasting clean feeling. My fav summer body wash is Tiny Bubbles (Designer Skin). It smells like bubble gum, it’s OOBER soft, and it keeps my skin fresh even while I’m outside enjoying the beautiful day. A+ for Tiny Bubbles57e5c6a14afa73353d46cdff3d431806

5. Kissable Lips

The weather is not the only thing getting hotter this summer (wink wink). Your lips should be fully prepared. I have two must haves for you. The first is Sun Bum Chapstick!!!!! It comes in like 15 different flavors, including my favorite coconut, and it has SPF for your lips so you never risk over exposing them to the sun’s rays. You can always find this stuff laying at the bottom of my beach bag, my convertible, and my purse. I just can’t live without. The second secret, is my go to lipgloss. It’s shiny, it’s in the perfect peachy shade, and its a plumper. That’s right. A plumper. Sexy Mother Pucker XXL Pillow Plump lip gloss. It’s the stuff.



I hope my secrets to radiant skin help you out this summer. If you have any secrets for me, leave them in the comments!! Remember, Glowing Skin is Always In.

glowing skin



An Open Letter to my Ex-Best Friend

Dear Ex- Best Friend,

It feels so foreign to call you that. For the past 8 years I’ve called you “sis”. Because that’s how close we were. You were my twin sister separated at birth. Even though other’s call you their twin now, I was there first. But I’m happy they’re here for you now. You deserve that.

“Maybe some people just aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through our lives to bring us something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn. And that’s why they’re here. You’ll have that gift forever.��?—Danielle Steel

A gift, a blessing, a lesson learned. You were always those things wrapped into one. You were a gift when we met in the 6th grade and had matching Hannah Montana shirts. You were a blessing when you’re family became mine and your mom convinced me to go to Senior prom. You were also a blessing when you ditched Senior Prom with me to go cry in a Taco Bell and stuff our faces with cheesy crunch burritos. You were a lesson learned when I realized you were starting to push me away for things that were my fault, but weren’t really my fault…IMG_1892

We so badly wanted to go down the same path of happiness. We dreamed of living next door to each other as kids and rather quickly we found out that wasn’t the dream boat it was cracked up to be in our day dreams. We wanted to find success and we did, but in such different ways. We wanted to find love and passion. You’ve done that through your self-expression and traveling. I’ve done that through a relationship, which I wouldn’t trade for all the traveling in the world.

I’ve found happiness, love, and peace. I have the happiest life and I’ve worked so hard to get myself to love the life that I’ve been given. But I hate that you’re not apart of that. I hate that you won’t be my Maid of Honor in my wedding. I hate that you’re not here to help me find my wedding dress, like you did my prom dress. I hate that when I have a baby, you won’t be an “auntie”. I hate that every time an old country song comes through the radio static, I have to change the station.

I hate that we fight, but I’m done with all of it. I have to say that this is the absolute worst heart break I’ve ever been through. I haven’t shed any tears, said any hateful words about you, or cursed you when that country song does come on. But I’ve certainly felt it in my heart and I’m ready to stop feeling it. So I’m letting it all go-including you.12079234_10207026766724964_9157872278192632047_n

I wish you the absolute best life that you can find out there. I hope that you will search for that life and never give up until you have it right in front of you. I hope that you’ll have the best career you can imagine. I hope that you go to all the best concerts, even if you have to sneak your way in. I hope that you’ll spend more time at the beach than you do in bed somedays. I hope that you’ll just turn off Netflix sometimes and go for a walk and enjoy the sun. I hope that you’ll make a thousand more trips to Waffle House in the middle of the night and I hope that you’ll go to the Pier when you’ve had a bad day.  I hope you find a love of a lifetime, the kind that will wake you up in the morning with coffee and be your best friend when you’ve lost yours. I just hope you find happiness and the life you deserve.

I’m sorry I can’t be there to help you find that life and I’m even more sorry I can’t be apart of that life for you. But I wish you all the world has to offer. You weren’t meant to be in my life forever. But I’m glad you were apart of it. 11048743_1082676278413344_1190840500150392157_n


PS- Ask Nana to mail me some Blackberry jelly. I’m almost out.

PSS- No, I didn’t get rid of that stupid shirt. But you still can’t have it back.